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SEO Hero Sites with the most Google +1's

Listed in no particular order.

Let me know how many Google +1's your SEO Hero site has received and I will add it to this list
  1. http://www.penrodshero.com/ -
  2. http://www.geraldduck.com/ -
  3. https://www.simsays.co.uk/ -
  4. https://howtobeanseohero.com/ -
  5. http://www.searchengineoptimizationhero.com/ -
  6. http://www.wix-seo-expert.com/ -
  7. https://seoherofromzero.com/ -
  8. https://seoheronews.com/ -
  9. https://whichseohero.com/ -
  10. http://www.seo-hero.tech/ -
  11. http://www.s-e-o-hero.com/ -
  12. http://www.seoheroid.com/ -
  13. https://seo-hero.io/ -
  14. http://leadingseohero.com/seo-hero/ -

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Note: The SEO Hero Plus One checker counts the Google plus ones of individual pages (URL's) not the complete website.

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