List of WIX SEO Hero Competitors and SEO Hero Websites

This is not an auto generated list of SEO Hero Competitors this is a list of SEO Hero sites submitted by their owners.

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Current list of SEO Hero Competitors and Their SEO Hero Websites

  1. SEO Hero – Experimental sites using the latest Gerald Duck CMS
  2. SEO Hero – It’s like 2004 all over again – If any old Nigritude Ultramarine, Mangeur de Cigogne or SERPs competitors are reading this please get in touch ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. – My strategy is simple, a free SEO tool that I hope is great (a Latent Semantic Explorer to help search engine optimizers in publishing better texts, ready to rank).
  4. SEO Hero – Interviews with SEO Heroes from the industry.
  5. SEO Hero – I actually don’t have any strategy. I don’t know that much things in SEO (I’m just a young web developer who is curious about SEO). I will try to follow Google guidelines and write interesting content.
  6. – This website will analyse the SEO Hero contest and all the competitors : what is their strategy ? Did they use grey-hat technics or only white-hat ?
    I will go as deep as I can about each competitor.
  7. – few link and a lot of coffee.
  8. – We love SEO Challenges, we’ll try to win the SEO Hero challenge using only white hat strategies ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. seo hero – SEO hero competing to take the title from Wix.
  10. Sim Says SEO Hero – The original Simsays SEO Hero website
  11. – Tips & Tricks for ranking ethically on google.
  12. seo hero – SEO Hero news and social network.
  13. SEO Hero | Your SEO specialist – SEO specialist with 4+ years of successful experience in SEO in very competitive industries … SEO Hero is an independent SEO consultant based in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
  14. SEO Hero Contest – Hi from France. Really excited by the Wix SEO Hero challenged i decided to give it a try. Not sure to have so much time, at least i will do some contest cover and SEO Hero SERP monitoring.
  15. – Just a french guy with a very english level speaking about SEO and the SEO wix contest ๐Ÿ˜‰
  16. German SEO Hero – A german SEO hero, who will try to win the challenge with daily posts about technical SEO.
  17. True SEO Hero – Dedicated to the idea of using the contest to allow the SEO community to do something good for the world, by donation 100% of the prize to charity.
  18. Last Seo Hero – Big Star Wars fan and that inspired the site which is a parody, mainly doing it for fun not expecting to win but also to further my knowledge by seeing how well search engines crawl animated content and html5.
  19. SEO Hero HQ – Was developed for SEO Heroes to unite all our heroic efforts together & rival the wix school of seo!
  20. Website SEO Hero – Just having fun seeing where we land in the Wix SEO competition. Our site is ugly – be warned.
  21. SEO Hero – We Joining to Seo Hero Wix Contest Challenge For Having Fun and Proving New Algorithm Google Also Beat Wix SEO Team
  22. Real SEO Hero – 25 year old SEO hero with 10 years of SEO experience, trying to become an SEO superhero! ๐Ÿ™‚
  23. SEO Hero – Everything you need to know about WIX SEO Hero Contest!
  24. SEO Hero Studio – SEO Hero Studio is a global SEO consultancy agency working in partnership with organisations and their agencies across the UK, Europe and Americas to help them do better business online.
  25. Which SEO Hero – There are all kinds of SEO heroes out there. Which one are you? Take the quiz to find out!
  26. SEO Hero – You can become your own SEO Hero with a Wix website (or any website for that matter!) SEO is all about writing new, original content and becoming an online expert in the keywords you want to be found for. Learn more on this website!
  27. SEO HERO Rankings – A simple tool to provide latest SEO HERO contest rankings.
  28. Matt Cutts, my SEO Hero – Learn Search Engine Optimization through FAQs from Matt Cutts, my SEO Hero
  29. – Although I’m not in the web development industry at all, I thought I’d give the contest a try and learn about SEO. This website contains SEO Hero tips, an SEO Hero Game, and an SEO Dictionary containing the definitions of many web development terms!
  30. Be An SEO Hero – The only source of daily updates on the Wix SEO Hero competition along with competitor rankings and in-depth analysis.
  31. from germany – A German SEO Hero Site – with Infos around the SEO Hero Contest!
  32. My SEO Hero – Sharing his SEO Heroes with you, so you can become someone else’s SEO Hero.
  33. SEO Hero – Here is my SEO Hero website entry – Actually my goal was to rank a video and not a site as what I do is Video SEO.

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15 thoughts on “WIX SEO Hero Competitors and SEO Hero Websites”

  1. Hi Penrod,

    Thx for the backlink, but did you read the rule about no interference between competitors during the contest (in the PDF 14.8) ? Hope it wont be a reason to disqualify your website.

    1. Hi,

      My interpretation of that is that we should not anything that harms or impedes other Hero Websites.

      If we can’t talk about or link to other SEO Hero sites it makes the whole competition pointless to me.

      I only take part for the fun and interaction between competitors, I think it is a shame that more people aren’t talking to each other.

      Just to add: If they go by the rules to the letter everyone will be disqualified, they say

      “will not infringe the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity.”

      In theory any site that mentions WiX could be disqualified as we don’t have the right to use their Trademark.

      The rules will have to be open to interpretation which makes the whole contest hit and miss ๐Ÿ™

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for adding my website to the list. Appreciate it!

    I have entered this competition with a little bit of concern knowing what does it take to be in the top of the serps specialy when a competition going on with so many good SEO’s out there like Rand Fishkin, Avishai Abrahami and many more. Also the fact that Wix is one of the google partners which all of us will have to outrank.

    I hope you have entered the competition too and one of us can win it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I wish you a good luck!



    1. No problem Henry,

      which is your site, are you sure you added it to the list above and not the one that was on the other page?

      I have removed one list as I am now only including the ones who request to be listed rather than just anybody.


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