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Will Luke Skywalker be at Molineux When Wolves Clinch The Championship

The Force is Strong at Molineux this year ever since Mark Hamill became a Wolves fan after mistakenly liking a tweet from a Wolves fan who he thought was talking about the animal

Wolves confirmed to the BBC that Hamill was now a supporter after they sent a tweet to Mark, who replied to confirm that he has indeed now pledged his allegiance to Wolves

“I am now. Never heard of them until 2 days ago. All because I “liked” a tweet from a #Wolves fan & they made me feel like family. Very nice!”

With Luke Skywalker on their side it was purely a matter of time before The Wolves got promoted to The Premier League

Wolves Chairman Invites Luke Skywalker to Molineux

Let’s hope that Wolves chairman Jeff Shi has put Mark Hamills invitation to Molineux in the post and all the Wolves fans turn up with their Light Sabres when The Wolves clinch the Championship Title and Promotion to the Premier League

Wolves the great day be will it for a

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