Why has Penrod Shero Got So Many Links And Is It Black Hat?

SEO Hero

The nosey out there who check other peoples sites for backlinks may have noticed that penrodshero.com has quite a few, may be wondering where they come from and may be branding me as black hat.

The simple answer though is that I use SEO Hero Feeds in the sidebars, headers or footers of some of my other sites.

The penrodshero feed is currently set to display my latest 150 posts which means when it appears one of my other 10 page websites it generates 1,500 links, if it appears on a 100 page website it creates 15,000 links and were I to put it on a 1,000 page website it would create 150,000 links

99% of these links are probably discounted by Google, the links are all legitimate, but those who see the link count without knowing where they are coming from will think it is some dodgy black hat behaviour 🙂

The lesson to learn from this is; don’t just rely on tools, do your own researching and experimenting and remember real SEO is like social engineering.

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