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Who Should I Vote For In The General Election?

Based on this list who should I be voting for in the General Election?

I do not want to see reductions in Corporation Tax

I want to see tighter rules on salary sacrificing at all levels

I want any kind of bonuses taxed the same as though they are wages

I want to see employment agencies strongly regulated

I want to see zero hour contracts strongly regulated

I want to see less incentives to employers that provide part time jobs
  Lower rate employer NIC Contributions but 0 starting allowance

I want the 24 month employee rights set back to 12 months

I want to see Auto Enrollment scrapped but more incentives given to individuals to save

I want to see properly regulated non profit housing associations set up

I want land banking to be hit hard by taxation and all raised taxed ring-fenced to fund non profit housing associations

I want to see the way housing is built looked in to and modernised with far more emphasis on modular type properties rather than bricks and mortar

I want to see whole sections of rented housing owned either by the government or non profit housing associations that will always remain rented and never have some sold off but not others

I want to see community led things in these areas

I want to see exclusions of anti social people more easy

I want to see multi occupation housing more tightly regulated

I want to see a higher tax rate on some income that isn’t declared as wages to balance out the NIC gains
i.e. income from property

I want to see big ad campaigns to show how moving to a care home isn’t as bad as many people believe it is
I want the whole experience of living in care home improved so that care homes are seen as nice communities where people want to live

I want to see a mass programme on building care homes and communities

I want to see a properly regulated way for people to take advantage of the value of their homes without being scammed or paying extortionate fees.

I want to see inheritance tax rates increased and ring-fenced to pay for care homes

I want to see tighter rules on inheritance tax avoidance

I want to see a tax imposed on money leaving the country

I want to see teachers unions have less power when it comes to classroom assistants

I want to see more classroom assistants in classrooms

I want to see schools staying open longer

I want it to be easier to exclude pupils

I want more support given to teachers

I want volunteers to be more protected from liability or litigation

I want to see Health Service unions have less power when it comes to auxiliaries

I want auxiliaries/carers rewarded better and far more of them even if this means less nurses

I want accountants, financial advisors, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers, banks, utility brokers, etc. better regulated

I want a proper trading standard agency with real teeth

I want a proper trading standard agency for business not just domestic

I want obvious scammers to be dealt with properly

I want more prisons built

I want all prisons to have better educational facilities

I want more open prisons

I want all prisons to have wings for people who are just bad, don’t want to improve and who should be segregated

I want people to realise that some people are just beyond redemption and it is OK to just lock them up, throw away the key (not literally) and keep them away from others they may influence.

I want more hostels built

I want more drug rehabs built

I want drug dealers to be punished by the law far more.

I want drug dealers to be fined more

I want all money made by drug dealers confiscated and ring-fenced for drug rehab units

I want people to think we have a strong nuclear deterrent

I want journalists not to be allowed to ask questions about nuclear deterrent

I don’t care if a PM won’t press the button as long as everyone else thinks he/she will

I want high taxation on air fares

I cannot understand why I living in Warwickshire has to subsidies someone in Reading catching a train to London
 If an employer wants people in Reading working for them in London the wages should reflect the travel cost
 If someone in Reading wants to work in London they should take travel costs in to consideration when negotiating wages
 Why should I pay them to get to work or pay the employer to get an employee to work for them?

I want any business that outsources to be accountable for any miss-selling and not turn a blind eye and say it’s nothing to do with us.

I want to see Gambling adverts banned.

I want to see owners of Phoenix companies monitored.

I want to see a tighter watershed on satellite tv

I want to see AN investment in EV vehicles being manufactured in the UK

I want people to buy British

I want to see The Government pay sick pay, maternity pay, paternity pay, holiday pay, etc. rather than small business owners

I want the government to simplify tax returns so business owners are not effectively held to ransom by accountants

I want charitable status to be far stricter and charities monitored better

I want to see councillors’ paid less

I want to see less buck passing

Lots more to come…

Let me know Who should I vote for in the comments below

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