Which WiX Package is needed to build a SEO Hero site like giftedseohero

The WiX entry in the SEO Hero Challenge – giftedseohero.com is built using WiX but which WiX package would you need to have to build a similar site?

From what I have seen, WiX have 5 Premium plans in addition to the Free plan;

  • Connect Domain
  • Combo
  • Unlimited
  • eCommerce
  • VIP

I would like to provide a review of the WiX packages but unfortunately WiX ignored my suggestion to Give SEO Hero Competitors a Free WiX Upgrade and if a multi-million dollar company like WiX are too tight to give a few SEO Hero Competitors an upgrade so we can review their product, I sure as eggs are eggs won’t pay for it.

Without knowing what the premium WiX packages provide I can only guess which one would be required but as my free package http://tiger0025.wixsite.com/seo-hero displays ads and only allows nofollow external links we can rule out the free package.

The Connect Domain package also displays ads so that can be ruled out.

The Combo is for personal use only so can also be ruled out

Which leaves us with Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP

Viewing the sorce code for the WiX giftedseohero SEO Hero Website I see they use hreflang and crazyegg – Are either of these available in the Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP WiX packages?

When WiX said;
“We’re going to create a new Wix site optimized with the search term *SEO Hero*. ”

Did they mean they were going to build a WiX site using the same tools that are available to anyone building a site using Wix or did they intend to use bespoke things that others wouldn’t be able to do?

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