The SEO Hero Rankings From The Judge’s Viewpoint

See what the SEO Hero Judge sees with this nifty little tool from Penrod Shero.

This search tool returns 100 results, the results are from, The tool is set on no country redirect, the results are incognito, the results are in English and the results are as though you are searching from New York.
(to make it more accurate use Chrome)

Base64 is your friend 😉


New York
ABCDEFGH + 1 = mystery letter = I

base64 New York = TmV3IFlvcms=

Result = w+CAIQICIITmV3IFlvcms=

&uule=w+CAIQICIITmV3IFlvcms= = Search From New York

If anyone wants to know how to do this for SEO Hero or wants to use it on their own site just post in the comments below.

No guarantee that this is what the WiX SEO Hero Judge sees, the only way you will be sure is if you go and sit on his lap.

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