What Hope Do Non USA SEO Heroes Have In SEO Hero Competition?

When I initially joined the SEO Hero Challenge I used a .co.uk domain simsays.co.uk

I soon realised this was a waste of time after learning the judging would be from New York in the USA.

With that in mind I registered a .com domain and started using that instead.

I added it to search console, set it to USA, put a US address on it, used American spellings, dates and $ signs, etc. in the hope Google would not realise I was UK based but no joy 🙁

I dare say they are going by server address, links to site, etc. but whatever I do I can’t stop Google associating my site with the UK rather than the USA AS can be seen when searching with google.co.uk – UK SEO Hero

The same thing happens with my other .com SEO Hero site, Google just associates them with the UK.

With the Judge searching from New York, not only can we expect NEW York based SEO Hero websites to have an advantage, chances are all USA based SEO Hero websites will do to 🙁

How are the French SEO Hero teams and German SEO Hero teams going to try to overcome this?