What Has The SEO Hero Contest Done To Sim64.co.uk ?

One of the 1st things I did when the SEO Hero Contest started was to post something about it on an old site that I used in previous SEO Competitions.

This is a site that holds very fond memories for me as it is one of the 1st sites I set up when leaning about Search Engine Optimization, it’s the site I used in early SEO Competitions like the SERPs, Nigritude Ultramarine, Mangeur De Cigogne and V7ndotcom Elursrebmem and after I sopped playing the SEO Competitions it’s the site I used for affiliate work.

Round about the time when mobile phone ringtone downloads were popular I set up a page for the Crazy Frog Ringtone and was top 3 in Google and selling 30+ downloads a day at £3.00 a time.

I also got in to mobile phones, was number 1 in Google for Motorola V3 when it was the handset everyone wanted and then made a killing selling the Sony Ericson k850i

I did the same for Broadband and for a while was even outranking Orange themselves for the phrase Orange Broadband.

I was also selling various other bits and pieces including Road Angel Speed Detectors which I was making £57 a pop on.

Adding all my affiliate work, AdSense earnings, sales commission, direct sales there was a brief period when I was making in excess of £1,000 a day with 80% of it coming from sim64.

The ringtones didn’t live long, the mobile phone affiliate work was getting frustrating as it didn’t matter how good your rankings were if you were promoting the wrong handset and deal at the wrong time you weren’t making any sales, plus a lot of merchants weren’t paying out properly.

Road Angels got to popular, the people I was doing the work for had a set price which I had to advertise at and others were undercutting by a lot.

I was basically sick of affiliate work so stopped most of it for the simple life of AdSense.

Florida was always in my mind

At the time, Sim64.co.uk was one of those sites that I could add new pages to it and know they would easily rank for anything mildly competitive but having seen the effect the Google Florida update had on the search industry I always had the mindset that my rankings could just disappear overnight – and that’s what they did.

Fortunately, I was always expecting sim64.co.uk to get hit by Google at some stage and had started diversifying by setting up 4 or 5 other sites doing similar things, but when it did hit boy did I know it.

Sim64.co.uk was initially hit by the Google Minus 30 filter, some people say it never existed but if you have had a site hit by it you know for sure it was real.

Virtually overnight every single ranking I had dropped by 30 places, phrases that I was number 1 for I was now 31 even a search for sim64 or sim64.co.uk had me in position 31

This was long before the days of search console and being informed about manual penalties so I spent about 2 months tidying the site up, removing 90% of pages, trimming down affiliate links, de-optimizing over-optimized pages, etc.

Sim64 Was Gone

Despite all this sim64 never recovered so I removed 90% of the existing pages set up about 10 new pages and mothballed it.

Sim64 Was Back

At least 3 years later I got an email from a friend saying he had just seen sim64 in Google again, I did a few searches just for things like sim64, sim64.co.uk and there it was back at number 1

I did some searches for things that were on the pages I had left and there was sim64 again.

With it back I decided to see if new pages would rank like they used to, but sadly not.

What to do with Sim64.co.uk Now

Knowing it wasn’t the powerful beast it used to be I just installed a blog on it and just used it occasionally as a blog, it got a bit messy so I installed a secondary blog and for a couple of years was just using it for waffling

Sim64.co.uk and SEO Hero

Jump forward to November 2016 and I joined the SEO Hero Challenge initially with a site I wanted old SEO Competition competitors to notice, so set up a SEO Hero site on https://www.simsays.co.uk/

Knowing I had left some of my old SEO Competition pages up on sim64 I decided I would update a couple of them to include information about the SEO Hero competition.

I basically just installed a new theme on one of the blog sections, reorganised some old posts, deleted more rubbish, tidied up some old links and thought this might give simsays an initial boost.

What I wasn’t expecting though was that sim64.co.uk would start ranking for things I hadn’t seen it ranking for for years.

Since then SEO Hero competition started I’ve seen sim64 ranking more and more for things it hasn’t done for a decade.

SEO Hero Coincidences

Could it be that just a bit of tidying up has made Sim64.co.uk a bit stronger or has the SEO Hero contest some how given it a boost?

Could it just be SEO Hero competitors are finding and possibly talking bout my old SEO Competition pages?

I have no idea, but what I do know is I’m going to start SEO experimenting on sim64.co.uk again once the SEO Hero Challenge is over 😉

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