What does WiX mean by administrative rights SEO Hero Analytics Search Console

A ruling in the WiX SEO Hero Challenge says;

“In addition, each Participant must (i) open, prior to February 16, 2016, accounts in Google
Analytics and Google Search Console, which will be associated with the Hero Website; and (ii)
provide administrative rights to the Moderator’s (as defined below) email, which
is: judgewixseohero@gmail.com.”

In Anaytics I have the options of;
Manage Users
Read & Analyze

In search console I have;
User –

There appears to be no such setting as administrative rights in Google Analytics or Google Search Console so what exactly does the WiX SEO Hero Judge require?

Is Read & Analyze in Analytics and Restricted in Search Console good enough?

WiX Judge: Please email clarification to tiger@huega.co.uk or comment below and I will post it on this site so all SEO Hero Competitors know what to do.

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