What does WiX mean by account name SEO Hero Challenge

I Just received the following email from WiX in reference to SEO Hero


We’re sending a friendly reminder to make sure you do the following steps by end of day February 15, 2017.

1. Open accounts for both Google Analytics and Google search console.

2. Connect the accounts to your SEO Hero website.

3. Add judgewixseohero@gmail.com as an admin.

Please make sure your account name is the same as your domain name. If you’ve registered the account under a different name, change it by going to your Google account settings.

Note that to stay in the competition, in addition to any other terms of the rules, you need to follow these requirements or your website could be automatically disqualified without notice and no room to appeal.”

Does anyone have a clue as to what they mean by account name?
All my sites are under the same search console account and the same analytics account.
The account name is my name as per the Google guidelines

Also, does anyone know what they mean by Admin

I’ve asked this question numerous times – What does WiX mean by administrative rights SEO Hero Analytics Search Console but despite WiX reading that page they still have not answered.

SEO Hero

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