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Week 3

Day 15 2/12/2016

1 – What does the judge know about Google Guidelines

Changing their Google My Business listing to include keywords and location in the business name to take advantage of the obvious interest in the SEO Hero moderators company doesn’t instill much confidence that they will be moderating Google Guidelines

More Here – Guidelines – What Guidelines

I created SEO Hero Map For SEO Hero Competitors

Don’t be Shy – Add yourself to the SEO Hero Map 🙂
(sign in to your Google account to edit the map)

I created a SEO Hero Map on Google Maps so any competitors of the SEO Hero Challenge can add themselves to it.

Please don’t abuse it or delete other peoples SEO Hero listing, thank you. [ See instructions below map ]

SEO Hero Map

To embed a responsive version of this map on your website use the following code

Day 16 3/12/2016

1. Ask Penrod which his favorite SEO Hero site is

I created a little Ask Penrod tool today which enables you to ask Penrod which his favorite SEO Hero site is.

More here – Ask Penrod which his favorite SEO Hero site is

Apart from that it was a slow day today as real world has been a bit hectic the past 24 hours.

Last night we went to the Christmas Victorian Evening in Shipston.
It really was nice, imagine if the Famous Five visit a fair during one of their adventures – That’s just like what the Shipston Victorian Evening was like.

Everyone cheerful, all the stall keeper smiling and polite, lovely food, lovely atmosphere, lovely music, it was a real joy.

Day 17 5th December 2016

WiX SEO Hero Contest Judged from New York or North York?

This could throw a cat amongst the pigeons!

We have been led to believe that the WiX SEO Hero Judge will be searching from New York when he judges the competition.

Who should I see in my stats today – A visitor from – The Toronto based Company ran by Eran Hurvitz the SEO Hero Judge.

And where was the visit from – North York, Toronto in Canada

Can we now assume that the judge will be searching from North York and not New York?

Still got 11 days to go out and register those .ca SEO Hero domains 😉

Fishkin’s School for Gifted Optimizers Goes Live

Looks like the WiX SEO Hero site has gone live

Professor F, Evergreen, Monkman, Sitemaps, Quickloader, Nightproxer and SERP appear to be the SEO Heroes.

Make sure you don’t become one of the SEO Villains 😉

Day 18 6th December

Who Is Monkman?

Who is Monkman?
OK Penrod

Start Your Search With OK Penrod

JUDGE SEOHERO has invited you to contribute to the following shared folder:

Have any other competitors received an email saying “JUDGE SEOHERO has invited you to contribute to the following shared folder:”

I received this for one of the sites that I have entered in the WiX SEO Hero Challenge but have yet to hear anything regarding a 2nd entry.

How do we know if an entry registered or not?

Is it best to resubmit the 2nd entry just in case it isn’t entered?

Day 21 of Wix SEO Hero Challenge 6th December 2016

1. Aligning the days

I started by SEO Hero site 2 or 3 days in to the competition so although my daily numbered posts are correct for my days in the competition, they don’t actually align with the days of the actual competition.

This post is simply here to align the days so they tally up going forward.

As it is Day 21 of the SEO Hero Challenge this post is now called Day 21 and further daily posts will now tie up with the competition. (hope that makes sense)

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