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Week 2

Day 8 25/11/2016

1. Created a Country Search Option

If you look on the simsays homepage you will see there is a new search option that lets you find who is ranking highest in Google for SEO Hero in different countries.

Where this differs from the other search option on the page is that the latest version searches for SEO Hero in the selected country.

The older version searched for SEO Hero Worldwide but as though you are from the country you select.

Very subtle difference in terminology – Massive difference in the results returned.

The 2nd version also has an option to trick Google into thinking you are actually in a location that you are not.

More about that here – Trick Google in to thinking you are searching from any location

Please feel free to ask if you want to know how this works.
little hint – base64 is your friend πŸ˜‰

Day 9 of The WiX SEO Hero Contest 26/11/2016

Day 9 – Created a Couple of Sitemaps

I created, HTML, XML and TXT sitemaps and submitted them via Google search console.

Why does redirect to with a 302

[This post is in a narrower div to make easier to read]

According to a number of sources like was the current leader in the WiX SEO Hero Contest (discounting the ineligible listings).

With this in mind some of the questions are;

1. Why is redirecting to

2. Why is redirecting to with a 302 redirect?

3. Is the to redirect a malicious redirect?

4. Is the to redirect a manipulative redirect?

5. Is the to redirect against the Google guidelines?

Let Penrod answer these questions for you

1. Why is redirecting to – As we discussed on Day 1 of the WiX SEO Hero Contest, we have no idea which version of Google the SEO Hero Moderator will use when judging the competition and more importantly, where will he be searching from when judging the competition.

Now, as you can see if using both versions of the SEO Hero Country search tools on our SEO Hero homepage, the results vary considerable depending not only on which version of Google is used, but also on where the searcher is searching from.

Narrow it down even further by using our search tool to search for a SEO Hero in a different country and you will see the results are even more varied.

A perfect example of this is here UK SEO Hero where after clicking to find a SEO Hero in United Kingdom is in the top position.

With the importance of location becoming obvious we decided the best way of overcoming this problem would be to set International Targeting to Unlisted in Google Search Console, which as any owner knows is not possible on localized TLD’s

Hence the move from to

2. Why is redirecting to with a 302 redirect? – We (TJ and Penrod) know we have no chance of winning the WiX SEO Hero Contest and intend to use well after the competition has finished, as it is only a temporary redirect we have used the 302

3. Is the to redirect a malicious redirect? – This is partially answered in the answer to question 1, no it is not a malicious redirect and is not part of any grey hat trickery.

4. Is the to redirect a manipulative redirect? – Again this is partially answered in the answer to question 1, in our opinion it is not a manipulative redirect, the only reason we are doing it is because Google do not have an International Targeting setting for domains.

We could ask Google why not?
What happens when an established website on a country specific TLD wants to target an International Market – Do they have to scrap their domain and go neutral?

5. Is the to redirect against the Google guidelines? – As we always stress, rules are rules – guidelines are guidelines.

Unfortunately as we said in our post on Day 6 How will the SEO Hero Contest be Judged? and in a full article here How will the Wix SEO Hero Contest be Judged? the section where it says, β€œThe WIX SEO Hero Contest website must be created, maintained and promoted in compliance with the Google Guidelines for SEO” makes the contest almost impossible to get a true result, as it is completely open to how the moderator interprets the Google guidelines.

You and I may say the to redirect is not against the Google guidelines, but if the moderator says it is, then both entries could be banned πŸ™

Update to add:

You may have noticed that no longer has a 302 redirect to

Rather than redirecting the whole site I decided to just redirect the initial posts and pages instead.

Day 10 27/11/2016

1. Yes – Penrod Shero Knows it is a 302 Thank You

Penrod Shero temporarily raises his head above the parapets and gives a little wave.
Penrod set up a 302 today – And no, it is not a malicious one.

2. A Good SEO Hero Site

In amongst all the rubbish out there I found a good site today –

This is doing similar to me, regular updates, list of competitors, information on the rules, etc.

They have a list of Rankings (I thought it was a bit early to do this as it is almost impossible to distinguish competitors and non competitors at this stage)

They also have an Cheat Sheet – This is something I wouldn’t do as I don’t like to out those using grey or black hat tactics.

It has some nice info though and is well worth following.

Day 11 28/11/2016

1. New Diagnosis Tool & Score Checker

Penrod devised a new SEO Hero Diagnosis Tool & SEO Hero Score Checker yesterday.

You simple enter the URL of your SEO Hero Contest website in to the box run the diagnostics and receive your current SEO Hero score.

Enter URL:

2. Strange Searches related to SEO Hero

Still seeing very weird terms when looking at the searches related to SEO Hero.

Todays top 8 are;

how to improve page authority

i am absolute i am authority i am better and best

authority ranking culture

equality matching

what does domain authority mean

high authority sites list

authority ranking relationship

what is a good domain authority score

3. Joined a SEO Hero Community on Google+

Penrod joined one of what I dare say will be one of many SEO HERO Communities on Google+

It currently only 5 members and nobody is posting yet – It will be interesting to see if any SEO Hero communities become active.

4. New Garish Color Scheme For SEO Hero Site

Penrod has still not decided on a style or color scheme for the Penrod Shero SEO Hero site so instead has temporarily made a garish version using the colors from the WiX SEO Hero Contest page πŸ™‚
They looks better on WiX πŸ™

5. Added some FAQs to the SEO Hero Score Checker

We added some Frequently Asked Questions to the SEO Hero Score Checker

6. Created a SEO Hero Diary Sidebar/Widget

Penrod created a new sidebar in functions.php so he could use a widget for the SEO Hero Diary rather than having to edit each individual page every day.

Day 12 29/11/2016

1. Just a couple of feeds

Did very little on the site today other than sort out and test the feed – which reminded me, I really must sort that site out soon.

I also changed the title slightly on so it is different to the title on the redirected – seems strange that simsays is still hanging around and outranking penrod, maybe I will have to 301 it after all πŸ™

Apart from that nothing

Day 13

The SEO Hero Rankings From The Judge’s Viewpoint

See what the SEO Hero Judge sees with this nifty little tool from Penrod Shero.

This search tool returns 100 results, the results are from, The tool is set on no country redirect, the results are incognito, the results are in English and the results are as though you are searching from New York.
(to make it more accurate use Chrome)

Base64 is your friend πŸ˜‰


New York
ABCDEFGH + 1 = mystery letter = I

base64 New York = TmV3IFlvcms=

Result = w+CAIQICIITmV3IFlvcms=

&uule=w+CAIQICIITmV3IFlvcms= = Search From New York

If anyone wants to know how to do this or wants to use it on their own site just post in the comments below.

No guarantee that this is what the WiX SEO Hero Judge sees, the only way you will be sure is if you go and sit on his lap.

Day 14 – 01/12/2016

1. New Page For SEO Hero Tools

Site is starting to get a bit jumbled up so I have set up a new page for SEO Hero Tools

Meanwhile In the real world I’ve stocked up on wild bird seed and have set my bird feeding station back up outside my office window.

The robins and tits are getting braver by the day, with one of the robins sitting just 4ft away as I put the food out.

A dunnock not a robin

2. Tidying up the SEO Hero Site

Now that I have a new page for my Tools it means I can remove them from where they are scattered about and tidy the layout up a little.

Have still done very little on the optimization side.

3. Added a SEO Hero Countdown clock

I don’t know when the actual result is announced so have just set it to March 15th 2017 for now and will make it more accurate as I find out more, or possibly just set it to the day I reveal my SEO Hero.

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