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Week 1

Condensed diary of Wix SEO Hero Challenge

Day 1

A bit late to the party as it is now 18/11/2016

I 1st heard about the WIX SEO Hero Contest this morning after reading a post on UK Business Forums.

It brought back memories of those early SEO competitions where a random word or phrases was chosen and the ide of the completion was to see who could rank highest for it within a set time frame.

Although I doubt I will be taking the WIX SEO Hero Competition seriously (the rules make it impossible for someone like me) I have created this new little website and will be keeping a diary of what I do.

WIX SEO Hero Contest – Day one activities

1. I registered the domain at 123-reg
From past experience of the early SEO Competitions and knowing that you can build up the strength of a domain during competitions like this, I didn’t choose a Keyword rich domain, a domain with WIX mentioned in it or a domain specifically named for the completion, instead I chose a domain name that I will continue to use long after the completion has finished.

2. I set up some hosting on Vidahost.
I already have a medium cloud hosting package with Vidahost which has some spare capacity, so decided to host there.

3. Static or Dynamic?
Normally I would go down the static route for things like this, but as I’m not taking the competition seriously I’ve decided to combine the competition with some work I am doing on a very, very basic WordPress theme and will use the competition to test out and experiment with the theme.

4. Installing WordPress
Having decided I will be using WordPress I installed it on to my hosting, uploaded my new search engine friendly theme and created 3 basic pages, a category and posted my 1st post (this one).

5. I added and to search console and set as the preferred domain

6. Added some JSON code to the homepage

7. Uploaded a favicon

8. Created a new stats package at and added the statcounter code.

9. Did a “Fetch as Google” from within Google Search Console at 15:35 (Site was instantly indexed)

10. Created a new Google account.
Just in case I do decide to enter the competition and so I can give WIX access to a Search Console and Analytics account that I am not using for anything else.

11. Created a Google+ Brand Page for SEO HERO
Bit of a flashback to the early days of Google+ when creating Google+ Pages was fun (Hallelujah for Google+ Classic)

12. Made a couple of posts on the SEO Hero Google+ Page

13. Created a rules section on this site highlighting the main rules of the WIX SEO Contest.

14. Went and read the full rules to the Wix SEO Hero Contest, saw the clause “The WIX SEO Hero Contest website must be created, maintained and promoted in compliance with the Google Guidelines for SEO published at here (the “Guidelines”). Any activity in violation of the Guidelines may disqualify the Participant” and decided this makes the whole contest farcical and a waste of time.

15. Wrote a post on V1 Sites called WIX SEO Hero Contest Rules explaining why I think this clause makes the contest a complete waste of time.

16. Created a SEO Hero Competitors page which will consist of a list of Wix SEO Hero Contest competitors including a link to their SEO Hero website.

Day 2 – 19/11/16

1. Building a Website on a Wix Website

A lot of SEO people slag off Wix Websites mainly due to the lack of control, the Ajax Crawling and the use of Escaped Fragments.

Personally, I’ve never seen it as that much of a problem and as long as you know how to use ?_escaped_fragment_= you can easily optimise a Wix site.

So this morning I quickly went and set up a WIX SEO Hero website

Saying I set up a Wix Website is a bit of an exaggeration – As all I really did was set up one Wix page on a blank template on the free Wix Websites package.

Website built on WiX

Are WiX Websites Any Good

If I wasn’t a coder who liked to hand build websites I would be tempted to give Wix a bit of a go.
Anyone can create snazzy looking websites in very little time with very little training – Not really my cup of tea though as I am almost OCD about simplicity.

It really is a bit of a horses for courses thing – If you just want to build your own cheap, snazzy website WiX could be for you.

If you want more control, want to learn as you go along, don’t want to be tied to a particular system, etc. you may find it better to learn a little coding and start of on something like WordPress.

2. Search For SEO Hero from Location of Your Choice.

I built this nifty little tool which enables you to select which version of Google to search with and which location to make Google think you are searching from.

Search for SEO Hero from any Location

Day 3

1. The SEO Rabbits Make an Appearance

Did very little to my site today other than adding the SEO Rabbits.

Why Rabbits? – I hear you ask.

Well, after extensive research over on UKSBD our tests confirmed that rabbits can improve Google rankings.

With that in mind we have included the UKSBD rabbits on the SEO Hero homepage.

2. Previous SEO Competitions

I had a quick track back through some of my old pages for the previous SEO Contests from 2004 and tidied a couple of them up a little.

I’ve always been a bit of a hoarder, have the same tendencies with websites and rarely delete anything completely.

What I did do though, was tidy up the old blog section of sim64 – Sim64 SEO Blog and refreshed an old post on there about SEO Competitions.

Day 4 21/11/16

1 . I Created an AMP Page for The Contest Rules

I adapted my theme slightly so that I could create AMP pages and then created an AMP Page for The WiX Contest Rules.

As the WiX SEO Hero Contest is an event, I also added some JSON LD code for the little party we will be having at TJ’s place near the end of the contest 😉

2. Requests from Competitors to Appear in My List of SEO Hero Competitors

I’ve started receiving requests from Competitors who want to appear on my List of WIX SEO Hero Competitors page, so have decided to restrict this to the 1st 20 people who contact me.

Those who contact me after the 20 top spots are gone will appear on a 2nd page that I will create.

3. Never, ever forget – Rule Number 1

Not only did I forget rule number 1 – I created 5 pages before realising I had forgot rule number 1 🙁

Rule no. 1 – Check Spellings When Optimising.

My new little SEO Hero is called Penrod

I drew a nice picture of Penrod and set up a page for Penrod – All very good.

What do I do next? – Create some little feeder pages, only trouble is in my feeder pages I called him Penfold 🙁

Got to go back now and either change my Penfold pages or create new ones for Penrod – All because I forgot Rule Number 1

Day 5 – 22/11/16

1. Can You Guess What Penrod’s Middle Name Is?


Special prize for the 1st person to tell us what Penrod’s middle name is.

2. I Created a new Little SEO Training Course

Now you too can become a SEO Hero by completing this SEO Training Course

3. Played around with some JSON LD code for Courses Rich Cards.

What an amazing coincidence, Google release rich cards for courses on exactly the same day as Penrod announces some new SEO Training Courses for the SEO Hero Contest 😉

Day 6 of WiX SEO Hero Contest 23/11/16

1. How will the SEO Hero Contest be Judged?

Why Penrod Thinks The WiX SEO Hero Contest Will Be Impossible To Judge.

Penrod wrote a post on V1 Sites this morning talking about how he thinks the way the WiX SEO Hero Contest Moderator interprets the Google Guidelines is key to the whole competition.

How will the WiX SEO Hero Contest Moderator adjudicate whether a link pointing to a competitors site is;

  1. A natural informative link talking about the WiX SEO Hero Contest.
  2. A link set up by a competitor of the Wix SEO Hero Contest to boost their ranking.
  3. A link set up by friends / networks with the intention of helping a competitor of the Wix SEO Hero Contest.
  4. A link set up by a rival of the contestant with the intention of harming the WiX SEO Hero Contest competitors site.
  5. A link set up by a rival of the contestant with the sole intention of trying to get the WiX SEO Hero Contest competitors site banned from the competition.

You can read the full article here – How will the SEO Hero Contest be Judged?

2. Didn’t really do anything else related to the contest today

What I did do though was tweak this theme a little, added a couple of new Page Templates and also added a couple of static pages.

I’m still undecided on what default width to use, I normally go for a fluid max-width:1200px, but as there is so much text and no sidebars I’ve got it reduced right down to 940 to make it easier to read.

I also dropped the latest posts links on to the bottom of the about, terms, privacy, Penrod SEO Hero, etc. pages

day 7 24/11/2016

1. Penrod Shero Gets His Own Website

Without knowing where the Contest Moderators will be searching from or which version of Google they will be using – Penrod has decided the only way to get over International Targeting is to go Unlisted.

With this in mind Penrod has created his new website

Currently mothballed, Penrod has yet to decide what it will be used for.

2. Is there any interest in the WiX SEO Competition?

I remember when the early SEO competitions were on there was a lot of talk about them and quite a bit of interest.

The WiX SEO Hero Contest has been running for a week now and there appears to be very little interest, very little news, very few competitors, zilch.

Am I just not looking in the right place or is there really that little interest in the contest?

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