Warwickshire SEO Company

Now that the SEO Hero Competition has ended I’ve decided it is about time I updated the Warwickshire SEO Company pages on Sim64.co.uk

Sim64.co.uk was one of my 1st sites but it is a real mess at the moment.

It started of as a simple, basic, static, HTML site and still has hundreds of pages on it dating back to 2001

Mid 2000’s I put a WordPress blog section on it at http://www.sim64.co.uk/blog/ and after about 7 years I added a new WordPress install at http://www.sim64.co.uk/uk/.

I haven’t really decided what I am going to do with it but will probably leave the SEO Services and SEO Blog sections how they are and then just add 4 or 5 new static sections.

Whether I actually use it to try and attract Clients for SEO work is another matter as I’m very picky on who I work with.

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