The Internet Can Be Great Envato & Envato Tuts+

How often do you come across something that makes you think – Wow!

I used to love art but was frustrated so much my shading and shadows that I gave up.

I just can’t get the concept of shadows, was taught that a shadow is basically a darker shade of the color it was on, but just couldn’t see it, or more to the point, couldn’t reproduce it in any color painting.

Although this article isn’t talking colors the way it talks about Learning to See Light and Shadow is mesmerising – Improve Your Artwork by Learning to See Light and Shadow

After reading the article I looked on the authors Bio page – Monika Zagrobelna, the Envato Tuts+ homepage and finally the Envato homepage.

All I can say is what brilliant sites and concept.

I’ve never heard of Envato before, no idea how long they have been around, how popular they are or anything, but I know one thing – This is what the Internet should be like.