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Stouffer The Cat – It could have been worse it could have been Stouffer

Seeing Stouffer the Cat on a clip for the new Harry Hill Show – Alien Fun Capsule – got me reminding my daughter why we gave her the middle name that we did.

My daughter doesn’t like her middle name, not so much because of what it is but because of the meaning behind it.

Her middle name is Brock

The reason we chose Brock was because it is an old English name for Badger and the reason we named her Brock was because of Brian Harvey Badger from the Badger’s Parade from the Harry Hill Show in the late 90’s

“Why on earth am I named after a stupid Badger puppet from a silly Harry Hill Show?”
She moaned.

To which I replied “It could have been worse it could have been Stouffer”

Stouffer the Cat Back on Harry Hill

Not sure if it is the original Stouffer the Cat on the new Harry Hill show, hope it is and also hope The Badgers Parade makes a return 🙂

Stouffer The Cat

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