A message to spammers and link droppers

A quick message to spammers who set up business directory listings and after they have been approved login to attempt to edit them to drop links.

    1. We do have a page that monitors when pages are edited

    2. What may have taken you 5 minutes to do – takes us less than 5 seconds to undo

    3. If you are going to do things like this – Don’t use your real name and email address

    4. If you add a business that has a Google My Business page don’t use the same name that you added the listing with to write fake reviews on Google or they may get reported

    5. If you piss me off by doing things like this don’t be surprised when you receive a 1 star review on Google 😉

    6. If you attempt to login and do this again don’t be surprised to find that your password has changed

    7. Don’t be surprised that the business description you entered has been altered slightly

    8. Please realise that it is no skin of my nose doing this – In fact I get great deal of satisfaction out of it

    9. Please also note: I’m a reasonable guy with a You scratch my back – I’ll scratch yours mind-set – Approach me in the right way and you don’t have to try sneaky little tricks to get a few backlinks 🙂

(or Tee Jay to some)


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