Something for Nothing

This seems like a good ideas as Christmas is approaching and I’m trying to wind down.

Take on a job but then get somebody else to do the work for me free of charge whilst I sit back and pocket the money.

The email I received

Good afternoon,

I’m contacting you on behalf of ****** There are errors in the following link:


The correct company name is ‘******’.

The full, correct address of their Head Office is:


Their telephone number is: ****

Their email address is: *****

The correct opening hours are 12pm – 11pm

As I’m working on behalf of this company, I do not wish to create an account. I simply ask for the details to be amended to ensure they are inline with their website.

Many Thanks,


The email I felt like sending back

Dear *****,

Please could you inform us how much ****** are paying you when you are working on their behalf and what percentage you will be paying us for actually doing the work for you.


There is absolutely no indication that they have the authority to act on behalf of the company, no asking about editing just an automatic assumption that they can get paid for web marketing and expect someone else to do the work for them.