Snowflake Fancy Dress Costume Causes Outrage

Man causes outrage when attending a fancy dress party dressed as a snowflake.

Snowflake Fancy Dress Costume outrages Social Justice Warriors

The unnamed man refused to remove his Snowflake fancy dress costume even when it was pointed out to him that some guests may find it offensive and upsetting.

More to follow…

Social Justice Warriors Outraged by Snowflake Fancy Dress Costume

What do you think – Should Snowflake Fancy Dress Costumes be banned?

4 Replies to “Snowflake Fancy Dress Costume”

  1. The wearing of the costume is not what causes the offence it’s the reason for the wearing of the costume that does.

    I dare say this sad little man was going around to all the younger guests (probably the young, vulnerable looking female ones) saying things along the lines of;

    “I’ve come as a snowflake – nudge, nudge – wink, wink”

    The sad little twat was just goading people – Somebody should have just rolled him in to the corner and made a snow person out of him.

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