SEO Hero Competition Reveals Old Stomping Grounds at Plurk

If there’s one good thing about the SEO Hero Competition and especially Google Alerts or setting Google to return results within an hour when searching for SEO Hero, it’s the fact it can reveal old stomping grounds that I had forgotten about 🙂

Today was a perfect example, I just did a search for SEO Hero with the tool settings set to return results from the past hour and there in the results was an SEO Hero posting on Plurk.

I logged in and there was the old sim64 Plurk Page

All my Karma points have gone, my fans have dropped and I only have 3 friends, nice to see it still exists though 🙂

Now if only my.opera was still active, those were the good old days, when if you got your timing right you could get your links on high PR pages by writing relevant articles at the right time 🙂

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