SEO Hero Comment Spam

I only have comments open on some of my SEO Hero pages and up until recently have only had a trickle of comment spam since the start of the SEO Hero Challenge.

This seems to have changed recently with comment spam increasing to the point where I may have to remove the comments form completely.

Most of it doesn’t appear to be related to the SEO Hero Competition but is just the general rubbish you get on any blog type website.

I’m not sure yet if it is coming from multiple sources or just one bot that has found my SEO Hero site.

Does Comment Spam Annoy other SEO Heroes

Annoy is probably too strong a word but it’s getting to the minor irritant stage for me now which can result in genuine comments being just auto deleted without being read – Do other SEO Heroes have similar problems with comment spam during the SEO Hero Challenge and if so, how do you deal with it?

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