Will The WiX SEO Hero Challenge Winner Be Determined By Trickery?

With just over a week left in the WiX SEO Hero Challenge we have already seen a few SEO Hero Competitors revealing their hands early.

All this points to the fact that the WiX SEO Hero Winner could well be determined by trickery and high jinx.

It will be a shame if it all comes down to what happens on Sunday 12th March and what tricks are used on that day.

Genuine SEO Hero Competitors Damaged By Trickery

What will be even more of a shame than the SEO Hero Challenge Winner being determined by tricks is if genuine SEO Hero competitors who have worked within the guidelines and who have worked hard providing useful SEO Hero sites are targeted by negative SEO and tricks in an attempt to lower their rankings.

It’s fair enough trying a few tricks on their own sites to boost rankings as it will be up to the judge too rule if they have broken the guidelines, but to do something deliberately to negatively impact other SEO Hero contenders, crosses the line as far as I am concerned – Let’s just hope this doesn’t happen.

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