Where to find the WIX SEO Hero Contest Rules or the WIX SEO Hero Competition Rules.

* Penrod added that one to the rules ;-)
Penrod The SEO Hero

The Rules For the WiX SEO Contest as modified by Penrod ;)

WIX SEO Hero Contest Rules

It looks like WIX are calling it WIX SEO Hero Contest rather than WIX SEO Hero Competition so here is a brief summary of their rules which can be seen at: here [PDF]

The Main Rules of WIX SEO Hero Challenge are;

  1. Content of the contest website must be in English
  2. Domain used for the competition must have been registered after 16th November 2016
  3. Entries must be submitted between 16th November and 16th December 2016
  4. Entries submitted via here
  5. Entrants must create a Google Account, set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts and grant the moderators of the WIX SEO Hero Contest administrative rights before February 16th 2017
  6. The WIX SEO Hero Contest website must be created, maintained and promoted in compliance with the Google Guidelines for SEO published here (the “Guidelines”). Any activity in violation of the Guidelines may disqualify the Participant
  7. All competitors must provide a link to the Penrod Shero SEO Hero page at http://www.penrodshero.com/ for the duration of the contest*

Information can be found – here

FAQ’s can be found – here

Full rules can be found – here [PDF]

WiX SEO Hero party announced for March 2017

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