Proposed Route Stratford-upon-Avon South Western Relief Road

Proposed Route – CALA Route

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Approximate route of the South West relief road for Stratford-upon-Avon with new bridge over the river Avon and 5m above the railway lines.

Larger Map of Stratford-upon-Avon South West relief road

Possible Alternative Route – The Penrod Route

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A possible alternative route taking the traffic further out from Stratford, away from housing on Luddington Road and other side sewage works.

Larger Map of Stratford-upon-Avon South West relief road

What Should CALA Provide

As CALA only really need to provide relief for the Long Marston village should they only really be obliged to provide the yellow line on the alternative route with the Council having to provide the connecting routes to Alcester Road and Shipston Road?

Here are just 10 reasons why the Alternative SWRR may be seen as a better route.

10 Reasons Why The Alternative SWRR Could be a Better Option

1. A better link to the new Long Marston New Town.
2. Moved away from racecourse.
3. Moved away from flood plains.
4. Moved away from majority of housing in Luddington road.
5. A smaller elevated section crossing river and rail track.
6. Joining on to Evesham Road well out of town.
7. A better route to eventually link through to Alcester Road.
8. Is an actual bypass rather than a so called relief road which provides a way of bypassing Stratford completely.
9. Provides 3 spur routes in to Stratford (via Evesham road, Alcester road and Birmingham road)
10. Far more suitable for larger vehicles.

Agree or Disagree? – Have your Say Below

Zoom in on the possible alternative map
Is that not the obvious place for the South Western Relief Road?
It looks so obvious that it should go there that I am astounded it hasn’t been suggested

The possible alternative route could eventually link from Banbury Road to Alcester road, be well outside Stratford with an elevated section resembling an old viaduct over rail lines and river.

Have Your Say on The Stratford-upon-Avon South Western Relief Road

What do you think – Is where the proposal is the right place, If they are building a new bridge over the River Avon should the whole relief road go a further out and the other side of Bordon Hill Nurseries, does Stratford need a new Western Bypass at all?

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  1. I believe there is no doubt that Stratford needs a western relief road. The alternative route that is proposed has many more benefits and causes the least disruption.

    At present the morning traffic is regularly backed up Bordon Hill. If the relief road is built the other side of the Nurseries the majority of traffic is removed before causing a congestion problem on the Evesham Road which is a nightmare in mornings and evenings.

    The alternative route although being longer and therefore more expensive, I think is by far a better investment in the long term and will solve the current intolerable situation for many years to come.

    1. @Richard Walsh
      Note: it isn’t an official alternative route it is just one that I quickly drew up.

      If they build it where the proposal is at the moment it will probably just become another through road in 20 years rather than a proper relief road.

      Much like how The Maybird Shopping Park, which I believe a lot of locals still refer as an “Out of town Shopping Centre” is now closer to the town centre than being on the outskirts of the town.

  2. Nice to see some alternatives proposed. It is such a shame that Cala and the Council haven’t considered any other alternatives to this disaster they call the SWRR. If needed then it should definitely be further out of town as the SWRR is replicating Seven Meadows but half a mile further out.

    The current plan makes the Evesham Road and the Bordon Hill a bottle neck and accident black spot. SDC need to stop being passive and hoping developers will solve the problem as developers will provide the cheapest/shortest solution they can get away with.

    As we were told at the traffic summit, the only way to afford to build new roads is to let developers build thousands of houses – that will then put more pressure on the new infrastructure. The council need to be more pro-active and implement changes now and not rely on roads that will take 10 years to build to solve our issues.

    1. @Mike Hardwick – You cant really blame CALA, they will just propose the minimum they need to obtain permission for phase 2 of the Long Marston development.

      All the shame should be on the council if they accept a 2nd rate solution rather than the best solution.

  3. I I agree with all these statements the relief road needs tp be further out so the other side of the nurseries would be far better and cause less disruption. And would be further away from housing. I have lived on the Evesham road for 23 years and the traffic has got heavier despite the road being reclassified as a B road from an A road.

  4. I agree with all these comments the relief road needs to be the other side of the nurseries to relieve the traffic congestion. There was plans for a by pass years ago but the council sold the land off for. Building. Let’s get it right this time and do it properly as with all the houses being built there is more traffic than ever, and with sat nav there are more and more lorries coming through town.

  5. Well Richard I think you have a definite aptitude for sensible, more morally acceptable and realistic relief road routes – particularly based upon current economic, social and environmental data.

    I agree completely with the other posts made and only hope that SDC and CALA consider all the variables for a sustainable long term solution; we live here and for once the environment should be ranked equal to the economy – without the protection of the former, the latter declines and less people will want to live in or visit Stratford.

    Can we not improve the road system we currently have, without destroying yet more of our beautiful natural areas?

    Where does our local MP stand on this issue?

    1. I agree wholeheartedly.The CALA route will only provide more opportunities for developement.The alternative route is the only sensible. answer

  6. I totally agree the new road should be further out of town and fully designed to be a purpose built ring road that will last for many decades to come.

    The current proposal is not fit for purpose and will be congested at the obvious pinch points as soon as it is finished causing frustration and inconvenience for both locals and commuters alike.

    How have other important national heritage towns managed to get fully functional bypasses while Stratford District and Warwickshire County Councils seem incapable.

    Maybe they should take advice from those who have done it right rather than simple accepting the cheapest proposal from the housing developers that is not fit for purpose.

    1. @Richard

      The argument they seem to have for it not being further West is that those coming in to Stratford won’t use it.

      This may be true if they move it all the way to Welford but if they just move it to the obvious gap in Luddington and outside the nursery before joining Evesham road I can’t see how that argument stands.

      Banbury Road and Tiddington Road traffic may still use the existing bridges but Shipston road traffic, traffic from the new Long Marston Village and through traffic will use the new route.

      If the argument is about traffic coming in to Stratford they obviously don’t see it as being a bypass but as just another through road which will eventually have housing on either side of it.

  7. It’s hardly the Chenab Bridge

    Stratford is crying out for another river crossing and where else can it go other than the West of Stratford? SWRR

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