Who is Poppy Grundy’s Father?

Did Nic Grundy reveal that Will isn’t the father of Poppy Grundy to Joe on her deathbed ?

Who do you think is Poppy Grundy’s Father?

Will Grundy:
Andrew (Jake & Mia’s Father):
Ed Grundy:
Jazzer McCreary:
Eddie Grundy:
David Archer:
Rob Titchener:
Kenton Archer:
Adam Macey:
Joe Grundy:
Your Suggestion:

Latest Odds On Who Is Poppy Grundy’s Father

2:1 Andrew (Jake & Mia’s Father)
5:2 Will Grundy
7:2 Jazzer McCreary
5:1 Ed Grundy
25:1 Eddie Grundy
33:1 Rob Titchener
33:1 Kenton Archer
50:1 David Archer
66:1 Joe Grundy
66:1 Bert Fry
66:1 Jim
100:1 Adam Macey

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Will Grundy isn't Poppy's father

Nic reveals to Joe that Poppy Grundy isn’t Will’s daughter and Will Grundy isn’t Poppy’s father

Did Nic Grundy tell Joe Grundy Will isn’t Poppy’s father Poppy Grundy isn’t Wills

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