Penrod Shero Reveals His SEO Hero

With the WiX SEO Hero Challenge as good as over Penrod Shero can finally reveal just who is his SEO Hero.

Penrod Shero’s SEO Hero is;

Enthusiastic about his business

Knows his business inside out

Treats his business like a hobby

Hangs around with likeminded business owners both offline and online

Is the person people turn to when the topic of his business is raised

Is the person people mention when the question, “do you know a ***?” is asked

Is the person who hangs around on forums, news groups, social networks, etc. and is very active and helpful whenever subjects related to his business are mentioned.

Is the person other website owners turn to when they want views on something, want articles written or photos related to the business subject

Is a keen photographer and takes regular photos related to his business subject

Is the person who likes to write/blog regularly about his business subject

Is prepared to listen to others advice

Is prepared to help others without even the thought of getting anything in return

Is the person who sees Web Work, SEO, PPC, etc. as an investment not a cost

Is the person who sees people who do similar things to him as friends not rivals

Is the person who knows it is just as important to get out at the right time as it is to get in at the right time

Is the person who always has his ears to the ground where new and upcoming products are concerned

Is the person who is prepared to pay for the best

Is the person who writes well and talks well

Is the person who is seen as being very sociable and approachable

Is the person who is always easy to contact and can easily make himself available

Is the person who has no idea what he is doing that makes his sites do well in Google but for some strange uncanny reason they always do.

That’s right – Penrod Shero’s SEO Hero is no one in the search industry but is the dream client that every SEO expert is looking for.

SEO Hero

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