Penrod Shero Disqualified From SEO Hero Challenge

I guess it was kind of inevitable really, it was fun whilst it lasted but all good things come tom an end 🙁

“Dear Sir,

I am sorry to inform you but your website has been disqualified from the SEO Hero Challenge.

On close examination we have discovered your website to have broken numerous clauses as set out in the SEO Hero Challenge rules.

Further information on why we have disqualified your website will be published 14 days after the SEO Hero Challenge has ended.

This judgement is final, please do not reply to this email.”

It will be interesting to read just why was disqualified from the SEO Hero Challenge.

I haven’t heard anything about my other two sites and are not sure yet whether I will carry on with those or not.

Update: 21/02/17 – It was all a dirty little hoax

I can now confirm it was all a lousy hoax orchestrated by a (ex) friend of mine who thought it would be funny to make me think Penrod Shero had been disqualified – Penrod Shero Back in The SEO Hero Challenge

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