Penrod Shero SEO Hero Link Removal

With The WiX SEO Hero Challenge as good as over Penrod Shero spent part of the weekend removing any links pointing to his site.

Most were just auto generated feeds on his other websites, a few were articles about the competition and a few were just dirty old, plain and simple anchor rich text links.

Once the competition is completely over the site will then be converted to a more regular blog and used for daily blogging on a range of subjects.

Wanting to use the site after the SEO Hero contest finished was the main reason Penrod didn’t use a domain to closely tied to the competition

What it’s main topic will focus on hasn’t been decided yet, had WiX provided us with a free upgraded package I was planning on using it to display articles about building a website with WiX.

Sadly, WiX never responded to my suggestion Give SEO Hero Competitors a Free WiX Upgrade so I can’t provide a review of WiX or recommend them to anyone I do SEO for 🙁

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