Where to Buy Original Quality Board Games

Every now and then the kids go around to their Grandparents and their grandmother will get out some old traditional classic board games like Monopoly, Cluedo, etc.

I’ve since bought a few ourselves but wonder why I bothered.

As a kid I remember Ker Plunk, Mousetrap, Twister, Battleship, Connect 4 so when I saw a pack that included Mousetrap, Guess Who, Connect 4 I thought that would make an ideal Christmas Present.

Boy was I disappointed!
The quality of these games now is absolutely abysmal

I’ve since bought a new version of Monopoly and Twister but again the quality is completely different to the original games.

Is there a Market for Original Quality Board Games

This got me thinking, Is there a Market for Original Quality Board Games the type that if we buy now we may get out in 20 years time for our grandchildren to play with? or are all board games now the same quality that we will probably throw them out after a year or two.

If you know of anywhere where I can buy better quality board games rather than the crap we get nowadays at places like Argos or The Works please let me know.

They seem to spend more on the packaging than what’s inside them nowadays.

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