Nicola Sturgeon Wins it for The Conservatives

I think it is pretty obvious that a large number of Scots are sick to the back teeth of a referendum on Scottish Independence and just want the SNP to govern Scotland better.

The irony is, that Nicola Sturgeon calling for another referendum on Scottish Independence is probably what saved Theresa May and The Conservative party as had the Scotts not been thoroughly pissed off with it all, the Conservatives would probably have 10 fewer seats and not even a pact with the DUP would have been enough to keep them in power.

Will Theresa May thank Nicola Sturgeon for helping let The Conservatives win? – Very unlikely?

Will Nicola Sturgeon acknowledge the fact she, almost single handedly, is the reason why The Conservatives won – Again, very unlikeky

Hope she sleeps well tonight though in the knowledge that she is the reason Theresa May is still in Number 10 tonight.

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