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My IP Address Location Scam

A phishing scam where the person on the end of the phone tells you that a Mountain View IP is controlling your router is doing the rounds again.

Quite crafty this one.

They tell you that your Router has been hijacked from a IP coming out of Mountain View

To try and demonstrate this to you they ask you to type in to Google “My IP Address Location

When you type My IP Address Location in to Google you get a Featured Snippet box for which all looks very genuine and may fool some people.

What they don’t tell you though is that the Featured Snippet is generated from when Googlebot crawled and the result you are seeing is effectively a cached snapshot of the page, i.e the result returned if Google was doing the test.

The result you see isn’t your IP but is a Google IP which does come from Mountain View.

my ip address location scam has nothing to do with this scam, the scammers obviously saw the featured snippet and thought this looks like a good way of tricking people.

Be careful out there folks and let me know in the comments below if this has happened to you.

Type my ip address location in to Google


  1. I just received a call telling me that I had been hacked. Telling me to look up my 1p address, the number came in as ************. I have blocked this number. I believe it is a scam.

  2. The caller told me the name of the person trying to access my internet connection was “John Crawl”. Very inventive.

  3. I had a similar call on 13/05/22. The caller was not even polite, pretending to be Sky and failed to secure any confidence in me. She challenged each question i asked her, a true customer service member would assure not challenge. These are the skum of the earth that are tricking unsuspecting people and i fear for the elderly and vulnerable who may fall to the anxiety created by these callers. Phone system providers can track the numbers and therefore should have better reporting facilities to ensure that each one is tracked and followed up by their local police.

  4. I was contacted by phone, saying someone in California was charging me $600.00, did I authorise this?they said, your phone may have been hacked, then they put me onto a “security expert” who had me check my ip location asa described, they then wanted me to share my phone screen by installing an app

  5. I just received a call about a cash withdrawal of $800 then to prove it iwas asked to lookup 1p address then download anýdesk. She couldn’t tell me who I bank with

  6. Nana just had a call about this, saying there was a payment made throughout the night from Mountain View California. he came off sounding very official from “the” westpac. (Red flag 1) then got me to go through searching up “my ip address location” (red flag 2) i added the word “Scam” and sure enough found this site.
    hung up fast. no details were given to MR DIEGO.

  7. I just enjoy such call when I have nothing productive work to do. I just spend some time with these guys. When they ask me to install anydesk, I just tell them my app store is not opening due to poor internet connectivity at the place where I am currently. They just get frustrated listening this and ask me to restart power Off and On my phone and recall me. I just say the same error appearing with app store. The guys finally say we will call you tomorrow when you have a better connectivity. When they call me Next day, I would say that my mobile data usage exceeded and I need to renew my internet data pack which I will do in a day or 2. Again the guy at other end gets frustrated.
    Never install any app while someone is asking you do that over the phone. Anydesk is the app by which these sammers take control of your device, no matter if it’s a phone or a computer.

  8. played along
    confirmed I was going everything as asked
    when asked to read the screen, read every menu, subject, ad, as I moved down the list.
    she was getting very flustered with my answers

    so eventually I just pointed out, that she was really lost, since I was not answering the questions, and giving her the feedback she was seeking, so it must be really hard following the scam script.

    she hung up.

  9. I have just suffered the same NBN SCAM . Is there anything I can do to ensure no money is lost to them ?
    How can I secure my account details eg bank .So that I can feel confident and safe that they have no access to my details ?

    1. Contact your bank and they will check and put an alert on it.
      Also cancel your cards and get new ones sent out

      It’s all very simple, new cards should be with you within 48 hours

  10. I just recieved a call saying someone had set up an Amazon account in my name for a MAC purchase of $1200 yesterday from Mountainview CA. thet took me to the my ip address california a number that matched my computer. I asked for their phone number to call them back, they wouldn’t give it.I hung up.

  11. Just happened today where they insisted that my PayPal account was charged $497.00. they said the guy who did it was in California. I asked the guy where he was and he told me Texas and the phone said California. I told him that my phone’s memory wouldn’t allow me to download another app because of memory. He waited on the phone for me to then go to my laptop but I noticed that while in my laptop he had me download the shadowing website by tricking me to Google search it and read the screen to me. Before I realized what he was doing, I caught him in a lie that he wasn’t logged on but because of my computer background, I saw he was logged into my computer. I tried to delete his connection but he was clicking on shit too fast. I unplugged my internet box and yelled at him for trying to get my bank information. I told him to mail me a check if he was truly from Paypal he could send me the refund via mail. You see I deleted my credit card from my PayPal account before he gained access because I had a feeling something wasn’t right. After saying a few choice words to him I told him that I was reporting this to the FCC and FBI and he had the balls to call me back and scream at me that I needed to plug my computer box back in and to stop being stupid. I wish there was a way we could nail these people doing this!

  12. 29/11/22, just now. they told me that Amazon was going to take $99.00 out of my account and I had to go through this procedure to cancel my subscription. They got me to download an app. Then got me to change my apple PW. Then got me to change my Amazon PW. And they already had my email address, mob # and home address. What do I need to do to stop them from accessing my Amazon and Apple and email accounts?

  13. Just had a call and was nearly sucked in. Some was trying to get $800 from my bank account in Mountainview USA. I was reassured when I questioned things several times, as I thought the website address was 1p and not ip. I drew the line at downloading the anydesk app and just told them I was going to hang-up now. I did just that and then did a search and found this thread.
    I can see how people get fooled and want to let everyone know that this one is still going on.

  14. I just got a call and they told me somebody from mountain view is using my IP address and setting up a commonwealth bank account. He asked me to read the screen, as I was reading the screen I googled my IP country and found it was a scam. I told he he was a scammer, hung up and blocked the number

  15. Just received a call from them saying they were sky and that my Internet was showing as usa got my to Google that ip address thing that showed usa do I said thanks I am going to call sky directly now he tried to keep me on with him said his name was Gregg but was clearly from Pakistan

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