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Mangeur De Cigogne 19 Years Today

Update 15/06/2023 – it’s now 19 years since the end of the Mangeur De Cigogne Competition

I’ve only done a minor update on my Mangeur De Cigogne page, as I will be doing a big one next year to mark the 20th anniversary of Mangeur De Cigogne

Mangeur De Cigogne 17 Years Today

Wow! 17 years today since the end of the Mangeur De Cigogne Competition

Mangeur De Cigogne Was an SEO competition organised by the French SEO Community back in 2014

If memory serves me right it lasted about 3 months and ended on the 15th June 2014

 Mangeur De Cigogne 17 Years Today

How do I remember this every year?

In the final hours I was in Warwick Hospital holding Mrs. TJ’S Hand as she gave birth to Little TJ

We missed the actual end of Mangeur de Cigogne as Little TJ was born on 00:30 on 16th June 2014 something I remind her every year 🙂 – 30 minutes earlier and his middle name could have been Cigogne

Read more about it all here – Mangeur De Cigogne

Mangeur de Cigogne 13 Years Ago Today

Unbelievably, it was 13 years today that the Mangeur de Cigogne competition ended.

Mangeur de Cigogne was an early SEO Contest where the aim of the game was to see who could rank highest for Mangeur de Cigogne within a 2 month period.

You can read more about it here – Mangeur de Cigogne

Mangeur de cicogne

Image courtesy of NoName

Why do I always remember the anniversary of the Mangeur de Cigogne Competition?

On the day the competition ended I was in Warwick hospital holding Mrs. TJ’s hand as the Cigogne delivered us Little TJ 🙂

Little TJ - Mangeur de Cigogne

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