Lakeland Congratulations Email Ruined My New Year

I’ll start off by saying I love Lakeland, it’s one of my favourite stores –

I also like the fact they have a nice active social media team who post regularly on Twitter –

What I don’t like about Lakeland though is that after entering the Lakeland Advent Calendar competitions numerous times throughout December I receive an email from them with a great big heading saying Congratulations.

Lakeland competition congratulations

When I 1st saw the big congratulations I thought, great I’ve actually one an online competition for the 1st time ever 🙂

But no, after reading a bit more I soon realised they were just congratulating me for making it to 2017 🙁

How Many People Thought They Had Won The Lakeland Advent Calendar Contest?

I wonder how many other people who got the congratulations email thought they had one a Lakeland prize?

Not a happy bunny at the moment, I think Lakeland owe us an apology

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