It’s All About the Bushy Tail

I have a bird feeding station just outside my office window with various different bird feeders, trays, etc. scattered around.

It’s lovely to sit and watch the tits, sparrows, robins, blackbirds, finches, etc. even though I know later in the year those same birds will try to steal all my cherries – The Birds Have Eaten All My Cherries

I was sat watching them the other morning and what should I see running along the fence to get the nuts from one of the hanging feeders – A squirrel.

Bushy Tailed Squirrel

It was lovely to sit and watch him perched on the fence pulling the nuts out the feeder and sit there nibbling away.

I called my wife and kids in and got the typical; Ahh isn’t he sweeet, can we have him as a pet, can I feed him, can I take a photo, etc.

He’s been coming and going for a few days now and always gets the ahh! treatment whenever anyone sees him, I even went out and bought some more nuts especially for him.

The thing is though – What if he had been a rat rather than a squirrel?

I asked my wife if it would be OK if I put food out for him if he was a rat and not a squirrel and the look of disgust gave me my answer.

Why is it that because he sits quaintly nibbling on nuts and has a lovely bushy tail everyone loves him yet if he had a long thin leathery tail we would all despise him?

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