Does interlinking our own websites make us Black Hat?

I read somebody calling me Black Hat because I am displaying my own feeds on my own websites, are interlinking 3 of my different sites in the SEO Hero Competition and are posting about the competition (with links back to my SEO Hero sites) from various other websites and blogs that I run.

Is it really Black Hat to interlink your own sites and try and post about the competition to different websites with different audiences? What’s the point of feeds if you can’t add them to other websites?

I’m really beginning to think the competition is just a waste of time as nobody knows just what is and isn’t allowed.

Do sites in the real world not interlink with each other, do SEO’s never post links to sites they are working on or try to spread news about their sites, it’s all a bit farcical in my opinion and this may well be my last post in the competition 🙁

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