If you like it put a ring on it

If You Like It Put a Ring On It

BBC Radio 5 Live sports presenter

If you like it put a ring on it.

Did I really hear the sports prenter on Radio 5 Live say If you like it put a ring on it

It was in a story about golfer Jon Rahm who said he hopes he will be getting married next year if he’s lucky enough that his fiancee, Kelley Cahil will stay with him.

Was the presenter a protegee of Former 5 Live presenter George Riley? #everydaysexism

He probably has BeyoncĂ© posters on his bedroom wall: “If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it” is from a BeyoncĂ© song

I didn’t catch the name of the presenter who said it, but it was during the Rachel Burden and Nicky Campbell 5 Live Breakfast Show at about 8:30 on 25th November 2019

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