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How to Improve Google Search Results

There are numerous ways of improving your position in Google without having to revert to trickery.

When trying to improve your search engine rankings it’s good to think of Google as a small child on his or hers 1st day at a new school.

You need to clearly and concisely inform the child where they should go, let them know when they have found the correct room, provide enough entertainment to keep them enthused, make them feel safe and secure, make them want to join in, make them want to come back.

You should also let them know where other rooms are; toilets, dinner halls, staff rooms, playgrounds, etc. and make it easy for them to get from room to room.

In website and search engine terms the equivalent of a child knowing where they should go is a good navigation system with clear labeling (anchor test)

Knowing they have found the equivalent to the correct room is achieved by having good titles and headings

Keeping them enthused is achieved by the quality content you display on the page.

Feeling safe and secure is achieved by displaying consistent contact details, company numbers, good about pages, clear terms pages, positive testimonials, etc.

Knowing how to navigate through the school, how to get to other rooms how to get back to their original room is again achieved by clear concise navigation systems and ideally every room (page) should be able to be reached within 2 steps of most other main rooms (pages)

A quick breakdown of a good web page in the eyes of a small child (Google)

Links to the page explain what the page is about before even getting there.

Title of the page explains clearly what the page is about.

Heading of page explains clearly what the page is about.

Sub headings of page explain in more detail what sections of the page are about

Content of the page is informative, engaging, trustworthy

The visitors feel valued and want to participate if possible.

There are clear links to get to other pages either relevant to the main page or that build trust of the whole website (Contact page, about page, terms, etc.)

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