Has VW realised that their dealer network don't like selling their cars

I read an article in http://www.autoexpress.co.uk VW Group to cut European dealer network and move focus online saying that VW are cutting VW Dealers

Has VW finally realised that some of these dealers aren’t actually interested in selling their cars but are more interested in selling finance and extras.

I went to buy a new VW Polo in March and ended up buying a new Mazda 2 from a Mazda Dealer in the next town who gave the impression they wanted to sell cars Leamington Mazda

2nd time I have walked out of a VW dealership in the past few years and bought elsewhere due to the treatment I had received at the VW dealers.

Both times the salesman was fine until I told him I was adamant and was a cash buyer, as soon as I made that mistake he couldn’t get rid of me quick enough and lost VW a sale.

Do the manufacturers turn a blind eye to the dealers – Have the dealerships had too much power in the past – Is the Internet balancing things out and giving the manufacturers more control over sales that they don’t have to depend too much on dealerships?

About time in my opinion.

If Leamington Mazda can provide a great service and sell cars to people who want them without finance why cant the VW dealerships do the same?

Mazda 2 Sport Nav

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