Has the SEO Hero Challenge Been Cancelled?

With the deadline for SEO Hero Competitors having to grant Analytics and Search Console admin rights to the WiX SEO Hero Judge approaching, and WiX failing to clarify what this means I’m beginning to think the WiX SEO Hero Challenge may have been terminated.

There are at least 2 conditions in the SEO Hero rules that allow WiX to terminate the contest at any time, the total lack of interest by WiX, the refusal to answer any questions, the lack of activity on their own SEO Hero website all point to the fact they may have lost interest and that they may be about to officially cancel the WiX SEO Hero Challenge.

What happens if the WiX SEO Hero Challenge is Cancelled

According to the SEO Hero Rules the competition can be terminated at any time and the prize not awarded – I can’t really see WiX doing that so what are their options?

Has the SEO Hero Challenge Been Cancelled

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