Day 49 – An Extreme Example of Location Bashing and a bit of SEO Hero Information

I set up a very quick demo page showing an extreme example of Location Bashing earlier today.

It’s basically using every UK Postal town to create 1400 pages targeting a single phrase.

Although this won’t work as Google now dumps most pages it indexes in to the supplemental it demonstrates what a lot of lead generation companies still do on a smaller scale.

The annoying thing is that these tactics still work to a degree, OK so 1400 wouldn’t work, but if I were to just pick half a dozen towns from one county, mix up the content a little bit more and interlink the pages better it would be different.

What the lead generators tend to do is use multiple crash and burn websites, make hay while the sun shines and then just move on.

Google Panda tried to stop this, but in effect took out the more genuine sites that were slightly grey hat and made it even easier for the black hats.

You have to bite your tongue every time somebody says; “but such and such do it and rank high for a lot of towns, why can’t I?”

Update: 18:48
And within a few hours some of these pages are starting to rank 🙁
Thame Minibus Hire : Sidcup Minibus Hire

Minibus hire

Back in SEO Hero Land

Haven’t really done a great deal more, I just can’t find much inspiration at the moment.
What is strange though is the big rise in UK traffic
Not sure if some info has been posted about SEO Hero on some more UK Forums, blogs or by more prominent UK SEO’s but something seems to have happened.

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