Day 39 of SEO Hero 24/12/16

Day 39 – Penrod The Time Shifting SEO Hero

SEO Hero
Having decided I needed to tidy up my latest SEO Hero News and SEO Hero Diary sections I had to make a decision on which posts to keep as stand alone pages and which posts to merge in to weekly pages.

With that decision made I was left with some pages that were messing up the layout of my latest SEO Hero News section so I came up with the idea of changing the dates so it puts all the posts under the weekly update posts.

Then rather than just editing so they appeared to be made at the start of the competition I decided to backdate them to earlier in the year 🙂

A time shifting SEO Hero (Also shape shifting)

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  1. Looking forward to reading through the rest of the SEO Hero saga. Could we perhaps have a link to the start of the series? I could probably type /day-1/ into the address bar (which I will do), but an easier navigation would be appreciated. Keep up the good work!

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