Day 14 – 01/12/2016

1. New Page For SEO Hero Tools

Site is starting to get a bit jumbled up so I have set up a new page for SEO Hero Tools

Meanwhile In the real world I’ve stocked up on wild bird seed and have set my bird feeding station back up outside my office window.

The robins and tits are getting braver by the day, with one of the robins sitting just 4ft away as I put the food out.

A dunnock not a robin

2. Tidying up the SEO Hero Site

Now that I have a new page for my Tools it means I can remove them from where they are scattered about and tidy the layout up a little.

Have still done very little on the optimization side.

3. Added a SEO Hero Countdown clock

I don’t know when the actual result is announced so have just set it to March 15th 2017 for now and will make it more accurate as I find out more, or possibly just set it to the day I reveal my SEO Hero.