Day 11 28/11/2016

1. New Diagnosis Tool & Score Checker

Penrod devised a new SEO Hero Diagnosis Tool & SEO Hero Score Checker yesterday.

You simple enter the URL of your SEO Hero Contest website in to the box run the diagnostics and receive your current SEO Hero score.

Enter URL:

2. Strange Searches related to SEO Hero

Still seeing very weird terms when looking at the searches related to SEO Hero.

Todays top 8 are;

how to improve page authority

i am absolute i am authority i am better and best

authority ranking culture

equality matching

what does domain authority mean

high authority sites list

authority ranking relationship

what is a good domain authority score

3. Joined a SEO Hero Community on Google+

Penrod joined one of what I dare say will be one of many SEO HERO Communities on Google+

It currently only 5 members and nobody is posting yet – It will be interesting to see if any SEO Hero communities become active.

4. New Garish Color Scheme For SEO Hero Site

Penrod has still not decided on a style or color scheme for the Penrod Shero SEO Hero site so instead has temporarily made a garish version using the colors from the WiX SEO Hero Contest page 🙂
They looks better on WiX 🙁

5. Added some FAQs to the SEO Hero Score Checker

We added some Frequently Asked Questions to the SEO Hero Score Checker

6. Created a SEO Hero Diary Sidebar/Widget

Penrod created a new sidebar in functions.php so he could use a widget for the SEO Hero Diary rather than having to edit each individual page every day.