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Update 21/11/2017: Success !

After numerous emails, phone calls, tweets and rants we’ve finally got double yellow lines in the problem areas outside Shipston Leisure Centre 🙂

There were still a couple of cars parked on them this afternoon but now that they are there the local Police now have the power to do something about it.

Hopefully they will be there one day this week and put a stop to the inconsiderate parents who park there.

Big thanks to Nadhim Zahawi if it was him who geed things along.

Update 28/11/2017: So much for the double yellow lines 🙁

Parking Shipston High School
A cunning plan – Council paint double yellow lines – Park opposite them instead – You couldn’t make it up.

There were at least a dozen empty bays less than 50 yards away

Parking Shipston High School

How long before a child gets knocked over?

Dangerous Parking Outside Shipston Leisure Centre

Is it only a matter of time before a Shipston High School pupil is seriously injured (or worse) due to the inconsiderate parking by some parents at school pick up times?

Cars leaving (having already picked up their children) have to drive on the wrong side of the road as other cars try to enter causing chaos but worse than that is the fact children are crossing the roads there at the same time.

Drivers can easily be distracted due to cars being everywhere and easily hit a child.

The crazy thing is that there are nearly always plenty of proper parking spaces within 20 yards of where these cars park dangerously but for some reason they still prefer to park there.

If ever there is an accident outside Shipston High School due to the dangerous parking at the entrance to Shipston Leisure Centre let it be noted that I have now sent;

Two emails to the school and received no acknowledgement

Two emails to Councillor Saint and received no acknowledgement

An email to Councillor Jo Barker in May which she replied to saying she would look in to and get back to me – I have heard nothing since and todays date is 08/09/2017

I have spoken to the Manager of Shipston Leisure Centre Dave ? (He didn’t give me his surname) who told me they were only responsible for the building and what happens within the doors of the building.

I have spoken to a chap at Highways at Stratford District Council who says SLM Leisure (the people who Dave works for) Everyone Active are responsible for the car park and grounds.

I have contacted SLM Leisure but are yet to receive a reply
Update: SLM Leisure have confirmed it is down to the relevant local council.

I have sent an email to Shipston Police who not only acknowledged the email but also phoned me.

I was pleased how the Police responded but unfortunately there is not a lot they can do as it isn’t classed as public highway.

Apparently no one is responsible or prepared to try and stop the dangerous parking that happens there.

I dare say that if an accident ever occurs they will all try to pass the buck to someone else 🙁

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