Cost of SEO Hero Challenge £17,951.00 How Much Has SEO Hero Challenge Cost You?

I decided to work out what the SEO Hero Challenge has cost me so far.

Domain Registration £14.00 £14.00 £7.00 £7.00

Ngage Premium Shared Hosting £59.00

AdWords £50.00

My Time
Just a very basic minimum amount assuming no business fees, office fees, tax, etc.
Approx 120 hours @ £20 an hour £2,400.00

Lost Revenue
Due to not doing the things I should have been doing.

Decrease in income from upgrades etc. £800.00
Decrease in sales as not paying attention to other work. £400.00

Impulse Buys
Payments to daughter for artwork/graphics etc. £100.00
New car to celebrate end of SEO Hero Competition £14,100.00

Total Cost of SEO Hero Challenge £17,951.00

SEO Hero

Hopefully it won’t be costing much more over the last week of the SEO Hero Challenge!

The staggering cost of the SEO Hero Challenge includes £14,100 for a new Mazda 2 but Penrod argues he deserves this after an arduous 4 months that saw him have to cancel a Christmas trip, 2 birthday parties and having to spend many hours tackling the latest Google algorithm updates.

How Much Has the SEO Hero Challenge Cost You?

Let me know how much you think the SEO Hero Challenge has cost you in the comments below.

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