Cars 3 at Leamington Spa Vue Cinema

We went to see Cars 3 at Leamington today.

When I was growing up we always thought of Leamington as being a bit rough and not a particularly nice place to go.

In my late teens early twenties we had the odd weekend there often at Hintons opposite what I believe was the old Regal Cinema in Leamington.

Jump forward 30 years, the Regal is now the Vue and Hintons is no more 🙁

I must say it appears to be a really nice area now though.

We decided on the 11:20 showing so set of about 10:30 as I had to call in at Argos on The Tachbrook Park to collect something I had ordered yesterday.

Thinking we were a bit late I rushed to get my ticked – Free with my Club Lloyds vouchers 🙂 and got in the auditorium just as I thought the film would be starting.

Shouldn’t have bothered rushing as there must have been about 30 minutes of adverts 🙁

Everywhere was nice and clean in the Vue, the seats looked new, were quite comfy even though the leg room was a bit tight

There was a nice mini movie before the main film which reminded me of Nelson’s little lamb from The Simpsons

Cars 3 itself was great even though a little predictable and both the kids loved it.

Called in at McDonald’s on the way home- all in all a very nice day.

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