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Bulgarians Taking Over London Service Sector

Is anything being done about the Bulgarians taking over the service sector in London?

It may not be a surprise to those in the SEO Industry or Digital Marketing industry but are others aware of what’s happening in the London Service sector, especially by the Bulgarians.

To those who aren’t aware of what is going on I say do a search in Google for service sector trades in London
carpet cleaners in London, cleaners in London, upholstery cleaners in London, etc.

Check out the websites that are using keywords in the domain, do a whois on them and you will soon notice a surprising amount of Bulgarian names.

Try looking at a few of the keyword rich domains, especially the ones in Google Maps

You will soon see a pattern, they look like small local businesses but when looking on the about pages, terms pages etc. you will struggle to find any information about them.

The Bulgarian McMafia

Those with a little technical knowledge will soon discover a connection with a lot of these sites.

They may not technically be doing anything illegal but UK Limited Companies should always make it clear to a customer who they are, any UK Business should also make it clear who they are on their websites and customers should always know who they are dealing with.


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