BBC Most Popular Read News Feed Broken

Has anyone else noticed that in the Read section of the Most Popular feed on the BBC News website it has been displaying the same 10 news stories now since 28th April

Update 1/5/2017 19:10
BBC is aware of the issue and hope to have it resolved tomorrow – Nick Sutton Twitter Post

Update 2/5/2017 22:25
BBC Most Popular Read news feed still broken – Beginning to think it may be a BBC conspiracy to make us believe everyday is #EdBallsDay

Update 3/5/2017 09:00 – Groundhog Day
Groundhog Day sorry #EdBallsDay continues – At least Diane Abbot will be pleased.

Update 3/5/2017 19:00 – BBC Most Popular Read News Feed Fixed
Finally the BBC Most Popular Read News Feed gets Fixed.

Current most popular news stories
Fake BBC News Feed

Update 4/5/2017 09:00 – It really is fixed now
Hurrah! Somebody at the BBC must have used The Force – #starwarsday

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How the BBC Most Popular News Feed Was for 5 Days

All news stories from 28th April or earlier
Most Popular News Articles on BBC News Broken

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  1. Yep, still broken. Getting a bit annoying really, as it’s a quick way to see what’s on the site. Can it be that bloody difficult to fix?

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