2 Weeks to end of SEO Hero Challenge and still no Top 50 Rankings

The SEO Hero Challenge ends in 2 or 3 weeks and still no eligible sites appear in the top 50.

Would it be too much of a coincidence if they moved up in the last week of the competition?

I have this little hunch that we will see big changes either in the week the competition ends or in the following week

Penrod SEO Hero Countdown Clock Updated

I’ve revised the date of my SEO Hero Countdown Clock as I have a lot happening on the week I was planning on revealing the Penrod Shero SEO Hero.

At the same time I put the clock back on the Penrod Shero SEO Hero homepage.

March 17th – New Car D Day

I decided to mark the end of the competition by ordering a new car and arranging for delivery on the weekend of 17th March.

I always said I wouldn’t buy a new car but instead would buy a pre-registered one, but got what I thought was such a good deal that I couldn’t resist 🙂

It’s only a little Mazda 2 but I decided to go for the top spec 1.5 Sport Nav due to the difference in the quality of the interior compared to the lower spec models.

I also upgraded to the Pearlescent Snowflake White finish as I’ve always liked white cars with tinted windows.

I’ve put my V1 SEO plates on retention initially but will probably put them on the Mazda later in the year.

Someone on Twitter / Pinterest using my SEO Hero image 🙁

I saw a tweet on Twitter yesterday using the SEO Image my daughter did for me for my birthday.

SEO Hero

No idea why they were using it but my daughter wasn’t happy 🙁

As a graphic design student, It’s often drummed in to her the importance of copyright and licensing rights and then this happens.

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